Dialogue & Mechanism


This component reinforces and supports the EU-CELAC Coordination and Cooperation Mechanism on Drugs, by continuing to promote and enhance opportunities for information exchange, coordination and cooperation among competent authorities, responsible for drugs policies in the EU and CELAC. Special emphasis is placed in consolidating existing potentialities of the Mechanism by:

  • Supporting and increasing its visibility.
  • Contributing to foster greater communication between different actors.
  • Improving the availability of knowledge by broadening and facilitating access to relevant and evidence-based information for professionals and mediators.


Specific objective

Reinforcing the role of the EU-CELAC Coordination and Cooperation Mechanism on Drugs, facilitating bi-regional dialogue on the nature of drug-related issues and the best ways to address them.

Lines of work

Maintained support to the EU-CELAC Mechanism and bi-regional dialogue

  • COPOLAD annual conference, organised back to back with the High Level Meetings of the Mechanism
  • Close coordination with the Technical Committee of the Mechanism
  • Fostering, within the COPOLAD E-room framework: territorial and thematic forums, as well as a communication channel for countries

Institutional strengthening of National Agencies to facilitate evidence-based decision-making in the field of Drugs Policy

  • Technical reports, demanded by the Mechanism, to support policy-making in key areas
  • Maintenance of the virtual library BIDA (Ibero-American Library on Drugs and Addictions)