• "Knowledge gained through the COPOLAD online courses by various Dominicans have been translated into improved programmes and activities geared towards drug abuse reduction and will have a rippling effect throughout various sectors"

    Published on 05/02/20

    Director Martha Jarvis considers "an honor for a small nation country to be part of such a life-changing experience". Also that "COPOLAD provided a forum where small island development states were given voices and equal opportunities alongside the more experienced countries". In this interview, she tells us about which have been such opportunities and the difficulties left to face, from Dominica.

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  • "International and bi-regional cooperation between CELAC and the EU has promoted a change in the paradigm of drug policy, focusing on the individual rather than the substance"

    Published on 27/01/20

    Dr. Gady Zabicky, recently appointed as the new National Commissioner against Addictions by the Government of President López Obrador, gives us an extensive interview in which he explains the lines of action in his country regarding drug policy. Cooperation, integrated policies, comprehensive care, human rights and health care are among the key issues in this new stage that has started with the National Strategy for the Prevention of Addictions "Together for Peace".

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  • "Those of us who manage public policies know that confinement and prison alone do not solve the problem, and it is necessary to work on social inclusion and rehabilitation"

    Published on 03/10/19

    On the occasion of the celebration in Montevideo (Uruguay) of the Bi-Regional Conference on fostering the use of Alternative Measures to Imprisonment, jointly organised by the European programmes EUROsociAL+, COPOLAD II and EL PAcCTO, we interviewed the Secretary-General for Drugs of this country. In addition to taking a look at some of the most outstanding issues in the framework of its collaboration with COPOLAD, he shares with us his first impressions of this unprecedented initiative.

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  • "Grenada's new National Anti-Drug Strategy would be evidence-based, realistic, and would consider human rights, equality, gender and development with social inclusion"

    Published on 26/09/19

    From Granada, Elizabeth Japal tells us in depth about the advances in the drugs policy in her country, their plans for the new national strategy and how COPOLAD has supported them in the formulation of this document, among other areas of cooperation.

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  • "Colombia adopted the Early Warning System with COPOLAD, which contributes to the well-being of the population and has the potential to save lives."

    Published on 14/05/19

    Dr. Ana María Rueda Rodríguez, Director of Drugs Policies and Related Activities at the Ministry of Justice and Law in Colombia, gives us this extensive interview in which we address some of the priority issues for Colombia for the coming years on the occasion of the publication of its "Integral Policy to Face the Drug Problem: Future Route", as well as the progress made to date, and how COPOLAD has contributed to some of the milestones in the country.

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