What are the objectives?

COPOLAD aims at enhancing:

  • Public policies committed to the principle of shared responsibility between all concerned stakeholders in the CELAC and EU countries, including governments, multilateral agencies and civil society.

  • Policies linked to human development objectives, such as the full respect for human rights, including gender sensitiveness and women’s empowerment; a public health orientation; good governance and the rule of law.

Overall objectives

To increase the institutional strengthening needed for planning and evaluating evidence-based policies in CELAC countries, by facilitating the rapprochement and cooperation between National Agencies in charge of global and sectoral drugs policy-making in the CELAC and the EU countries

To strengthen the capacities of the competent authorities dealing with both Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) and Drug Supply Reduction (DSR) in CELAC countries, by promoting the cooperation between agencies in charge of sectoral drug policies in CELAC and EU countries.

To enhance and support existing bi-regional efforts and opportunities to promote the EU-CELAC political and technical dialogue on the nature of drug-related problems and the best ways to address them.