Crosscutting issues


In order to ensure synergies and avoid duplicities, COPOLAD also includes a COMPONENT 0: Crosscutting issues, quality & coherence. This Component ensures the integration and consideration –when appropriate– of all Principles and Approaches adopted within the Programme. Along the Programme implementation, special attention is given to promote synergies and avoid duplicities between stakeholders by reinforcing information sharing and cooperation opportunities between stakeholders in both regions; and to avoid duplicities with other EU funded initiatives.

These activities are implemented under the direct responsibility of the ECB. According to each need, cooperation will be established with associate National Agencies, multilateral institutions and bi-regional NGO networks, all partners will also contribute to the achievement of the crosscutting activities. 

Within this Component there are coordination activities with the European Commission, the CELAC countries and the organizations participating in the Programme.

Visibility activities are also included in this component. These activities are key to the COPOLAD strategy and a special emphasis is being made from the ECB so that the Programme has the maximum visibility. 


Specific Objective

To ensure the integration and consideration of all Principles and Approaches adopted within the programme through the activities performed.

Lines of work

  • Analyse the specific needs of the different groups of countries
  • Enhance a practical-oriented dimension of the capacity building strategy
  • Promote synergies and avoid duplicities between stakeholders
  • Ensure the sustainability of the capacity building strategy started in the first phase of the programme and continued in this second phase
  • Work in different languages adopting a sensitive method to the working language of its members
  • Elaborate information reports and other reporting products for different institutional actors
  • Ensure the maximum visibility of the programme