Drugs Demand Reduction

Directory of Centers and Services in DDR

Drugs Demand Reduction

One of the challenges identified in some CELAC countries is the development, maintenance and updating of an affordable and sustainable tool to determine the resources and services in the field of Drug Demand Reduction, in both public and private sector, including NGOs.

The Directory of Centres and Services is a sustainable tool for mapping and updating the existing resources that contains records of the different public, private including NGO services in the fields of prevention, treatment, harm reduction and insertion.

The tool is open to the active participation of all countries for data collection, updating or building up their own national registry which will also be a part of the global directory.

Directory of Centers and Services

Operative Dimension

C2 - Drugs Demand Reduction
Execution Level
Activity Types

Two professionals, one from the LA region and one from the Caribbean region, will be conducting and coordinating the collection of information. They will provide continued assessment of interested countries to update or create their national Directory of Centres and Services in DDR. RIOD will supervise the professional involved to perform the tasks foreseen for the LA region, and CARICOM will select and supervise the professional involved to perform the tasks foreseen for the Caribbean region. The ECB will further support both professionals in all matters they need guidance. 

Associated operational objectives

0.1 - Establish the necessary operational bases to ensure the quality and coherence of the work to be performed and the necessary coordination and participation of all partners.
0.2 - Have adequate baseline information to: provide specificity to the contents and the actions planned in each component; meet initial expectations of each partner in relation to its participation in COPOLAD; and facilitate the programme evaluation.
0.3 - Ensure visibility of COPOLAD and its activities and disseminate the contents in the main political and professional forums in the field of drug policies to be held both internationally and in CELAC.
2.1 - Assess existing needs in DDR, to define specific final contents of foreseen activities under Component 2, adjusting them according to different groups of countries.
2.5 - Expand the sustainable capacity-building approach initiated in C1, by broadening its coverage, as well as the number of subjects addressed.


  • Interested countries identified and reached.
  • Interested centres and services reached.
  • Updating and filling tasks of the database for new countries is completed.


Increased usage and number of records in the directory of centers and services in DDR