Drugs Demand Reduction

National Editions of the Online Courses in CELAC countries

Drugs Demand Reduction

COPOLAD offers courses to CELAC countries for national editions. The country itself leads and carries out the implementation.

Application procedure

Send a formal letter addressed to the program director, Teresa Salvador-Llivina, specifying her interest in one the courses and when it is planned to be implemented.


COPOLAD cedes the rights to use the contents and the Moodle platform at no cost.

  • There are no costs in the enrolment of students.
  • The country is only in charge of the cost of the pedagogical tutor.

Operative Dimension

C2 - Drugs Demand Reduction
Execution Level
Associated operational objectives

2.5 - Expand the sustainable capacity-building approach initiated in C1, by broadening its coverage, as well as the number of subjects addressed.


Expanded the sustainable capacity building approach initiated in COPOLAD I, by: a) reviewed and up-dated 2 courses developed in COPOLAD I; b) developed 2 new on-line courses; c) enlarged coverage, at least by 50% (from baseline situation achieved in COPOLAD I), through the implementation of both, international and national editions of each course

Related activities

  • 2.5 - Further expansion of the capacity-building strategy in DDR