National Drugs Observatories

Annual meeting of NDOs

National Drugs Observatories

Annual meeting of NDOs

These annual meetings will allow to: a) Rapport and exchange of information: Provide active WGs with opportunities to share progress between them. And b) Face to face training: on subjects of interest for professionals from the NDOs.

Development of the activity

  • 1st COPOLAD II Annual Meeting National Drugs Observatories

    05/12/16 - 09/12/16

    Kingston, Jamaica

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  • 2nd COPOLAD II Annual Meeting National Drugs Observatories

    13/11/17 - 17/11/17

    Lisboa, Portugal

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  • 3rd COPOLAD II Annual Meeting National Drugs Observatories

    25/03/19 - 29/03/19

    Prague, Czech Republic

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Operative Dimension

C1 - National Drugs Observatories
Execution Level
Activity Types

Bi-regional cooperation and exchange in close coordination with OID-CICAD, the EMCDDA and the REITOX Focal Points (REITOX FPs).

Associated operational objectives

0.1 - Establish the necessary operational bases to ensure the quality and coherence of the work to be performed and the necessary coordination and participation of all partners.
0.2 - Have adequate baseline information to: provide specificity to the contents and the actions planned in each component; meet initial expectations of each partner in relation to its participation in COPOLAD; and facilitate the programme evaluation.
0.3 - Ensure visibility of COPOLAD and its activities and disseminate the contents in the main political and professional forums in the field of drug policies to be held both internationally and in CELAC.
0.4 - Establish the necessary institutional contacts to avoid duplication with already developed initiatives and ensure synergies with ongoing initiatives, both within the EU and CELAC.
1.1 - Study and assess changes from C1 on the existing needs, to define specific final contents of foreseen activities under Component 1; adjusting them to different groups of countries, in order to establish and/or reinforce the role of National Drugs Observatories in CELAC countries
1.2 - Promote the establishment of sustainable information-sharing agreements between NAs, NDOs and other stakeholders in CELAC countries, which can provide key information to assess threats and deal effectively with the new psychoactive drugs.
1.3 - Test, develop or update evaluation and monitoring tools, processes and tasks, necessary to deepen the knowledge of the drugs situation in CELAC countries with well-established NDOs.
1.4 - Implement a sustainable bi-regional cooperation capacity building strategy focused on enhancing the reporting capacity of NDOs being in an early stage of development.
1.5 - Implement a cooperation capacity building strategy in key areas identified, with special focus on the assessment of rising trends of problematic use of specific drugs.
1.6 - Continue to develop training opportunities focused in building capacities for strategic planning and the use of monitoring methods and tools, which can be mutually complementary.


Increased the number of CELAC countries having a National Drug Observatory (NDO) provided with a competent, sustainable and stable Focal Point.                                                                                                       

At least ten (10) NDOs of CELAC countries have improved their reporting capacity, in mapping new problematic use and/or new threats’ related to drugs.


Maintained continuous, internal and external, coordination efforts with the relevant actors and other ongoing actions in the field covered by this component.