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Probation Services

Cor. Queen Street and Henry Street,3rd floor ANSA House | Port of Spain | | Trinidad and Tobago


Contact Data


868-623-8180<br />Fax: 868-624-3988



Business hours

8.00 am-4.00 pm Monday to Friday


Type of organisation
Year of foundation
Institutional presentation
Mission To promote the rehabilitation of probationers, offenders, victims and dysfunctional families through education, research and advocacy. Vision To become an effective and efficient functionary within the socio-legal network and to promote the philosophy of probation.
Direct beneficiaries
  • Not drug users
  • Experimental drug users
  • Drug users
  • Problematic drug users
  • Fromer drug users
  • Motivational groups (drug users and not drug users)
  • Women presenting problematic drug use
  • Women with children
  • Homeless
  • Dually diagnosed (comorbid)
  • Racial and ethnic minorities
  • Specific drug users – Sex workers, Pregnant teens, Institutionalized persons (prisoners), School-age at risk youth, Out of school youths...
Target population activities
  • Family/parents
Objective of the centre/ services
The main goals and objectives are to facilitate the resolution of people's issue, to build strong functional families as the foundation of society and promote sound values system among the population with emphasis on the socially displaced person, the disabled, substance abusers and Most at Risk Population (MARPs).
National coverage
national coverage as well as international coverage- deportees

Intervention framework

Intervention types
  • Social integration
  • Penal system interventions
  • Risk reduction
  • Harm reduction
Intervention framework for Social integration
  • Employment support (writing applications/ opening bank accounts/providing references)
Intervention framework for Penal system interventions
  • Prison
  • Community
  • Family
Intervention framework for Risk reduction
  • Substance testing
Intervention framework for Harm reduction
  • Basic assistance services (showers, food, laundry, etc.)
  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Coodination
  • Health education
  • Training
  • Information
  • Family & socio-educational intervention
  • Personal & socio-educational intervention
  • Guidance
  • Field work / Practicum placement
Description of the main activities
The main duties performed regarding certain Legislation are aimed at providing social history reports in both criminal and family matters (domestic violence, custody, access, maintenance), to assists the Court in determining sentences. • Preparation of pre-sentence reports in both the Magistrates’ Courts and High Courts. • Prepare reports for the Appeal Courts • Supervise and facilitate the rehabilitation of those Offenders placed on statutory probation. • Prepare suitability reports and supervise persons placed on Community Service and Combination Orders. • Supervise children at risk at the request of the Court. • To counsel parties referred by the Court in all family related matters and submit reports where necessary. • To counsel walk in clients referred by agencies or persons outside of the Court system. Specialized duties include Probation Officers working in collaboration with the Judiciary, Police, Director of Public Prosecutions and a Treatment Providers in monitoring the progress of participants in treatment for substance abuse in the Drug Treatment Court. Supervise young men and women between the ages of sixteen (16) and thirty (30) years placed on bail. Teaching them about reasoning, emotional intelligence and accountability. To prepare reports for other stakeholders such as Ministry of Social Development and Family Services and Comptroller of Accounts Orphan Pension Committee and Foreign Social Service

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