Directory of Centres and Services


Baptist Addiction Rehabilitation Centre

Rowan Henry | St. John's | | Antigua and Barbuda


Contact Data


268 462-4230
268 462-4242



Business hours

8:30 AM - 4:00PM


Type of organisation
Non-governamental organization
Year of foundation
The government has approved the land. We awai
Institutional presentation
To positively impact persons suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse using Godly counsel, purposeful interaction and skills training, allowing them to become meaningful contributors to society.
Direct beneficiaries
  • Experimental drug users
  • Drug users
  • Problematic drug users
  • Others (Addictions in general in its various forms)
Target population activities
  • General population
Objective of the centre/ services
Our objective is to make a significant impact on our local population focusing on those rapped in addiction cyclec. We aim to bring healing to the mind, body and spirit and rehabilitate persons to a place of productivity
National coverage
We intend to reach our local population first and foremost but we are open to clients from the wider Caribbean region.

Intervention framework

Intervention types
  • Treatment
Intervention framework for Treatment
  • Internment/in-patient
  • Outpatient/diurnal/outpatients clinic
  • Support groups
  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Health education
  • Training
  • Personal & socio-educational intervention
  • Guidance
  • Abstinent based residential treatment
Description of the main activities

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