Annual Report Italian Central Directorate for Anti-drug Services (DCSA)

Annual Report Italian Central Directorate for Anti-drug Services (DCSA)

DCSA. Direzione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga (Italia)

The Central Directorate for Antidrug Services, like every year, published its “Annual Report” (based on 2020 data), providing a summary of the activities carried out and the results achieved by Italy in the fight against illicit drug trafficking. The emerging situation reveals new characteristics with respect to previous years. Like any other legal or criminal sector, drug trafficking has been affected by the global health crisis linked to the spread of Covid-19. However, these were temporary effects, especially limited to the first phase of the pandemic crisis. In fact, criminal organisations have shown extraordinary resilience and have been rapid to adapt their logistical and organisational structures to the new economic and social dynamics, by developing innovative operational schemes, both in the management of large-scale trafficking and in small-scale drug retail activities.

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